Platform as a Service for Blockchain Project.

Unlocking great ideas that are yet to be established on the blockchain. We are here to support you from start to completion.

Current stage ends in

Current Price
0.00000022 ETH

Next Price
0.00000030 ETH

1 ETH = 4545455 XPL

740 ETH

2312 ETH

What exactly is XPL?

Platform at a Glance

Built just for you

Bot Factory

Deploy a bot in seconds. Pre-designed Telegram, Discord, Twitter and Slack bot - No coding required and no complicated process.

Bounty & Airdrop Hosting

Built-in referral system, automated social tasks and user management with an easy to use user dashboard.

Automated Distribution

Focus on project development. Distribution to thousands only take few minutes with minimal gas fee.


A stateless Application Programming Interface to create and manage project and task right from your application.

Blockchain Snapshot

We got this covered too. We can take blockchain snapshot for you. Holders and amount holding at your fingertip. Remember - Automated distribution is also available.

Something Different?

Want something different?
We have tons of exclusive and amazing features upcoming on our platform.


Platform built to

Reduce Technical Challenges

Every start-up can now stop worrying about technical knowledge and funds required to build the required audience.

Enhanced Productivity

We’ve done lots of boring stuff, so you can focus on product development.

Why Exclusive Platform

What you'll get...

Right Audience

Connect your project with the right audience. Our community consists of crypto enthusiasts with minimum of 100 real Twitter followers.


Your data is safe with us. You control your data, no third party access and we'll never share your project private data with third parties.


Deploy, delete, relaunch your project as many time as you want. Our platform is built to support that without limitation.


Every task you initiate occurs on chain and remain dependent on the state of the blockchain for their validity. You only make use of our DApp for initialization.



Total Supply

Exclusive Platform

Token Name



Current Price


ETH Price

XPL Token

XPL token is a utility token in the Exclusive Platform ecosystem.
Contract Address: 0x138E326c28114f65202b4Ed82A1eeCDF81451E09

How to buy XPL

Take advantage of the bear market

Send a minimum of 0.1 ETH to our smart contract address. Your XPL will be delivered upon successful confirmation.

  • Minimum Buy: 0.1 ETH
  • Maximum Buy: 30 ETH
  • 10% Bonus for 10 ETH and above
  • Do not send from Exchange wallet
Sales Schedule
  • Stage 1
    • Price: 0.00000016 ETH
    • Start: 15th, Jan 2019
    • End: 22nd, Jan 2019
  • Stage 2
    • Price: 0.00000022 ETH
    • Start: 22nd, Jan 2019
    • End: 29th, Jan 2019
  • Stage 3
    • Price: 0.00000030 ETH
    • Start: 29th, Jan 2019
    • End: 5th, Feb 2019
  • Stage 4
    • Price: 0.00000042 ETH
    • Start: 5th, Feb 2019
    • End: 12th, Feb 2019
  • Current Stage
    • Price: 0.00000058 ETH
    • Started 4 days ago
    • Will end in 3 days
  • Stage 6
    • Price: 0.00000078 ETH
    • Start: 19th, Feb 2019
    • End: 26th, Feb 2019
  • Stage 7
    • Price: 0.000000102 ETH
    • Start: 26th, Feb 2019
    • End: 5th, Mar 2019


Token Distribution

Fund Allocation

Fund Allocation

Core Team

Wisdom Abk
Wisdom Abk

Lead Developer

Chamika Jones
Chamika Jones

Head of Marketing

Timothy A.
Timothy A.

Head of Operations

Dennis Maxwell
Dennis Maxwell

Community Relations Manager

Yusuf Oke
Yusuf Oke

Business Strategist

Christy Tawii
Christy Tawii

Executive Customer Representative

Joan Kii
Joan Kii

Marketing Assistant

Rock Bot
Rock Bot

Community Moderator


Mark Savage
Mark Savage

Business Development

Cory Gardiner
Cory Gardiner

Platform Development Analyst

Talha Amjad
Talha Amjad

Risk Management Specialist

Frequently Asked Question

Get some of your questions answered

XPL - EXclusive Platform is an online plaform created majorly to support blockchain project to overcome technical challenges and build the right audience for their project.

Do you have an idea yet to be established on the blockchain network? this platform will take care of the technical aspect, all you need to worry about is idea build up. The platform is made to reduce unrealistic promises with no real world application.

You can buy XPL by sending minimum of 0.1 ETH to our smart contract address. Click here for more information

Please find our documentation on our blog. Everything you need should be there. Otherwise, talk to us on Telegram

You earn by connecting your social account and referring friends to our platform. Also, you earn XPL everytime you join a bounty/Airdrop hosted on our platform.

Exchange listing will come up immediately after crowdsale ends. XPL will be listed on reputable and voluminous exchanges.

Platform is launched already. You can build a bot in seconds. More features will roll out monthly. Please see our roadmap for more information

This feature will be available on 26th December, 2018 and documentation will be available on our blog.

Tasking DApp is free and will continue to be free. Bot and Airdrop/Bounty hosting is free for now but will attract peanut by next year.

Have more questions?